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Provide WIFI internet access for up to 30 people from a single SIM card. They have been designed for rapid-rollout connectivity in the most challenging environments. Connect via LTE 4G | 5G or Satellite Data connections.

RealWear devices and cloud-based business apps work best in the field when they have quality mobile data connections. With the advancement of 4G and 5G Networks, wearable internet-connected devices like RealWear's range can now take advantage of this technology, giving the frontline worker a fantastic experience with their chosen voice-activated business app.

What can we do about places with limited connectivity?

We designed our Kits with the remote worker in mind. Being able to deploy connectivity and provide a pop-up WIFI Hotspot for many devices is now possible with the advancement of 5G networks and devices right from the Tech Kit Pro. The additional bandwidth and speeds these modern telecommunications services enable opens up the possibilities for Assisted Reality and Augmented Reality to be truly harnessed day-to-day on the frontline.