Tech Kits with RealWear

Designed for the modern frontline worker

Ruggedised Technology Kits with RealWear HMT (Head Mounted Tablet) devices connect a frontline worker to information and expertise needed to complete job tasks and keep projects moving safely and efficiently.

Bringing together the core components of an Industrial strength assisted reality (aR) solution and safely delivering real-time information to the frontline worker through a combination of head-mounted wearables, software, a hands-free, voice-controlled UX, LTE / 4G / 5G devices and leveraging powerful technologies like Cloud and AI.

You can now deploy a Tech Kit or have one on-site as standard practice for those moments when your field team need support. Your experienced staff, supplier experts and supporting team members can now help those in the field with break/fix, instructional advice via handsfree "See what I see" technology.

We can help you; send a Tech Kit today!