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There is a growing ecosystem of apps developed for different use cases for RealWear devices.

Evaluating and choosing which applications are best for your particular business requirement is something our Tech Kit experts can assist you with. We're happy to share what we know to help you with your decisions.

Suppose you have an internal software development team. In that case, you could leverage the RealWear Developer Knowledge Base when building your next business app and optimise it for voice activation controls allowing the user to be hands-free when conducting their job tasks.

Understanding how different applications perform technically with video streaming quality and video compression rate can be significant when bringing together the right mix of wearable, mobile app, connectivity device, mobile data plan, & coverage. The Tech Kit team can help you with working on your solution.

We get enjoyment from understanding the operational process your technicians are using now and working with you on how the process could transform with implementing Assisted Reality and Augmented Reality technology. That's when fundamental digital transformation happens.  

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Tech Kit Assisted Reality &
Augmented Reality Software Partners

Microsoft Teams for RealWear

Are you already using Teams?

Many field technicians are already using Microsoft Teams on existing laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Tech Kit can install Teams on your RealWear devices prior to dispatch. Ready for your frontline worker to sign in right out of their kit.

Telepresenz | Collaboration for everyone

Telepresenz® is a collaboration platform designed to integrate into existing IT/OT infrastructure seamlessly.

For enterprise companies that work with field teams, Telepresenz® enables remote, real-time access to top-level expertise when you need it most.

Key features include AR Telestration, live video annotation, job task assignment, workflow automation and workflow status tracking.

Talk to Tech Kit about a demo of Telepresenz, sales, implementation and support.

Onsight Augmented Reality
Knowledge Platform

Named #1 in Augmented Reality for industry.

Librestreams Onsight is an augmented reality / remote expert platform that scales knowledge across your operations and enhances workforce efficiency, safety, and resiliency.

Combining the power of AR, AI & IoT for the workforce, the Onsight platform powers the AI Connected Expert workforce of the future with advanced augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and IoT data visualization. These innovative capabilities reduce the cognitive load on workers, automate on the job training, and drive operational insights. 

Talk to Tech Kit if you would like a demo of Onsight, or have questions about sales, implementation and support.

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